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For organizations


Styleauteur will develop and help implement dress code guidelines for your company. We will help you in either a group setting or through our corporate individual image training sessions to identify appropriate business attire, manage fashion trends, and assist in new hire and intern workshops.


Styleauteur presents educational fashion seminars and creates and styles fashion shows and events. We work with firms and professional associations to help their employees and members achieve higher levels of dressing for success while also partnering with retailers to help increase sales and focus on the season’s hottest trends through specialty fashion events.


Styleauteur creates custom content to help you educate your employees, members, or clients on projecting the right image for success. Styleauteur can help keep your professional community connected through newsletters, webcasts, podcasts, and workshops.


Styleauteur will decipher pop culture and fashion trends and make them relevant to you. We will highlight the importance of dressing for your figure or physique in a business appropriate manner that reflects a modern and savvy style.


Styleauteur will assist you in developing your style and brand identity. Establishing a unique and individual style for your organization will help your employees, members, or clients achieve success.


Styleauteur recognizes your office hallways shouldn’t necessarily become the next fashion runway. We will partner with you to ensure that your staff portrays the right image of success.